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The Sound Studio User Registry

Users of Studio required, well, requested to send us a postcard of somewhere them to motivate further development. In reality the postcards formed a pile on my desk, or got shown to project stuents to try and make them work harder, but now I've gone public.

As a result, it's now more easily possible to accept electronic registration!. Get a picture of your location, and write a greeting on the back of it. Scan the front and the back at about 295x200, preferably JPEG files. An additional small (very small)HTML can be displayed too. Send us an email with all this information and your location. Please quote your location as a pixel on one of the continent maps you'll find here. A good method is to download the map, and look at it in, say, xv holding the middle mouse button down while pointing at your house.

Send me all this and I'll put you in the registry. You can send a postcard too, or instead, if you like! Then you can use Studio without a guilty conscience!

Nick Bailey
Last modified: Thu Mar 11 20:02:11 GMT 1999